Bargains in the Atterley Road Sale

Miss Thrifty0 January 22, 2013

Guess where I spent my Christmas money?

atterley road sale

Yep: the Atterley Road sale, which is now under way. It is a good place to go bargain-hunting if you need to look smart but stylish for work, or if you are a fan of the higher-end high street brands: Hobbs, Whistles and the like.

There are nearly 300 items in the sale, with discounts of up to 75%. Prices start at £10 for a delicate suede belt from Whistles (reduced from £35) and go up to £125 for a quilted biker jacket from Jigsaw for £125 (reduced from £174).

Here’s what I plumped for: a jacket for work, and a dress for not-work:

Atterley Road sale

People Tree jacket: £29 reduced from £95.  Goes with skinny trousers and boots. Massive collar. Doesn’t need ironing. I love it.

 Atterley Road sale

Petit Bateau dress: £25 reduced from £94. I do like Petit Bateau clothes: pretty, well-made and long-lasting. I’ve realised that I’m going to have to find a pair of grey tights to go with this dress though. The dress is made from jogger bottom cotton (I’m sure there’s a proper name for that fabric, but I don’t know it), and is as comfortable as it looks.  UPDATE: Sorry – it looks like that dress is now sold out, so I’m just taunting you with it. You can find the other Petit Bateau sale items here though.

Some other tasty items in the Atterley Road sale:

atterley road sale

1. Farhi Jersey Scoop Neck T-shirt – £19 (reduced from £50).

2. People Tree Flared Spot Dress – £25 (reduced from £80).

3. NW3 Burgundy Cord Jeans – £25 (reduced from £85).

atterley road sale

4. People Tree Rhea Block Print Dress-  £29 (reduced from £85).

5. Maison Scotch Sequin Trim Tuxedo Trousers – £35 (reduced from £100).

6. Whistles Dixie Suit Trousers – £35 (reduced from £110). If you are after a Whistles suit, the matching jacket is in the sale for £50, reduced from £175.

atterley road sale

7. Bellerose Cadix Silk Dress – £39 (reduced from £116).

8. NW3 Fox Print Dress – £55 (reduced from £149).

9. Hobbs Marianne Marine Blazer – £59 (reduced from £189).


Delivery is free – and if you live or work in London, you can get an item couriered to you same-day, for £10.

[Atterley Road Sale]



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