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Miss Thrifty2 November 27, 2008

A yummy mummy pal of mine, shopping for Christmas presents for her four-year-old, has just scored £52.00 worth of toys from Littlewoods Direct for £22.00 plus postage.

Here’s how she did it:

  1. Littlewoods has launched a 3 for 2 offer, covering more than 2,500 toys, gifts and jewellery items. This offer expires at midnight on 30 November.
  2. What’s more, this offer comes on top of a slew of slashed prices. Some of the toys (such as the Fifi dolls, above, selling at £12.00 down from £26.00) have already been reduced to less than half-price.
  3. If you click on the link for this promotional codes website, you will also get some great discount codes: one gets you £15.00 off your first order (minimum spend £25.00) and another gets you £10.00 off when you spend £30.00 or more. 

My yummy mummy pal was able to use all of these when she placed her order. She got the half-price toys, the free toy and the money off her order. She also placed her order in two batches, so that she could take advantage of both discount codes: she had to pay an additional £3.95 in postage, but the £10.00 discount more than compensated for that extra cost.

These discount codes change all the time, so if you do this and the discount codes don’t work, try zg999 or google littlewoods promo codes for the latest ones.

I’ll also add these details to my Christmas Deals Master List.

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