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Miss Thrifty is a woman on a mission. She lives in Yorkshire, UK, and never pays full price for anything. Spend less, live within your means and get out of debt - without resorting to recycling teabags.

ice cube trays frozen

Thrifty Food

Ice cube trays: how do you use yours?

Ice cube trays: who knew they were useful for so much more than ice cubes? Here in the Thrifty House, they help to reduce food waste – thus saving money on our monthly grocery bill. Here is what I am freezing – and why. Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty6 May 22, 2016

financial admin diet

Personal Finance

The Financial Admin Diet: Little & Often

Recent research from Standard Life found that just 26% of us regularly put time aside to review our finances. These are the habits I have developed to keep everything in check. It’s like a financial admin diet – except that you are putting pounds on, instead of losing them. Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty8 May 17, 2016

lacura lip balm

Thrifty Beauty

Lacura Makeup: grab it while it’s on special

Lacura makeup is currently an Aldi Specialbuy. I came away with a decent haul when I visited my local store at the weekend, so here are my reviews & recommendations. Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty12 April 20, 2016

contact lenses online

Thrifty Beauty

How to Get Cheap Contact Lenses

I’ve been playing around with Vision Compare, a free comparison tool for contact lens wearers. It’s simple to use: type in your contact lens make and model. Up pops a list of all the online retailers selling boxes of the lenses, with the prices. As ever, substantial savings can be made on high street optician prices. Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty8 April 10, 2016

pampers wonder week

Deals & Bargains, Thrifty Baby

5 Must-Dos When You Buy In Bulk

For those who plan ahead, there are significant bulk-buy savings to be made in British stores and supermarkets. As part of its Wonder Week promotion, Pampers asked me for my five top tips. Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty4 March 30, 2016

the dark striver

Personal Finance

Your Financial Personality: Ideas For Money-Saving Superheroes

Of the 10 Financial Personality Types, three are particularly common amongst Miss Thrifty readers: The Turbo Saver, The Enlightened One and The Dark Striver. How can these Financial Personality Types become smarter savers? Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty2 March 25, 2016

emerges blinking into the sunlight

Thrifty Homebody

Emerges, blinking, into the sunlight…

I’m back. It feels like waking up, and I am so happy to be here. A lot has changed. For example, I no longer spend £600 a month on a six-hour round trip to work (ugh). I have moved to a different part of the country, to a town south of Manchester. Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty7 March 21, 2016

financial personality quiz

Personal Finance

Discover Your Financial Personality: Take The Test

Insurance company Aviva has created 10 financial personality types, from a research sample of more than 5,000 UK adults. Which one are you? Take this free test & find out. (Apparently I’m a ‘Turbo Saver’…) Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty4 March 17, 2016

diy christmas gift bag supplies

Thrifty Home

Make a gift bag from an old T-shirt

Even if you are a reluctant seamster or seamstress, you can turn a T-shirt sleeve into a small gift bag in less than 10 minutes. If you are wrapping homemade gifts such as jams, preserves or other sweet treats in jars, a sleeve-sized gift bag is a perfect fit. Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty1 December 22, 2015

Thrifty Food

Tired pineapple? Turn it into pineapple chutney!

I liberated a pineapple from the supermarket discount aisle. The leaves on the top began to turn brown. Food waste? I think not. PINEAPPLE ACTION STATIONS. Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty12 September 30, 2014

money principle

Personal Finance

For money bloggers, good news comes in fivers

Right now, UK money bloggers are enjoying success and recognition. From awards to new website launches, there is plenty going on in our corner of the web. Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty10 September 24, 2014

peach iced tea recipe

Thrifty Food

Peach iced tea in five minutes

This quick and easy peach iced tea recipe comes in at less than £1 a pitcher: what’s not to like? I adore it: chilled until it is super-cold, this recipe is as thirst-quenching as it is delicious. Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty5 September 2, 2014

upcycle a cotton dress

Thrifty Fashion

Upcycle a frumpy frock into a 1940s tea dress

Remember these floaty cotton dresses? Wouldn’t it be great if you could wave a magic wand and turn them into 1940s tea dresses? When you think about it, a needle is like a really small, shiny wand… Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty11 August 7, 2014

Personal Finance

All change, all change…

A new job, a rebirth as a commuter – and a monthly season ticket, the price of which is a thorn in my tightwad soul. Plus some bloggy developments. Yep, it’s all change around here… Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty11 July 27, 2014

slow cooker camping recipes

Thrifty Food

Slow Cooker on Holiday: Four Camping Recipes

On our recent glamping holiday, my slow cooker came with us. It sounds weird; it turned out to be a great idea. Here are the cheap, simple & filling dishes I cooked (plus a boozy recipe). Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty8 July 18, 2014

miss thrifty deals

Deals & Bargains

Friday Bargains: handbags, lipstick, a free PC World giftcard & more

Here is a round-up of the bestest bargains out there. From a flash sale at Zatchels & cut-price Revlon make-up, to a free gift card for PC World, is there something here for you? Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty4 June 27, 2014