Atterley Road Sale: Final Reductions

Miss Thrifty1 July 10, 2013

We are spoiled for sales at the moment, aren’t we? And after a washout of a summer so far, with racks and racks of unsold floaty dresses and beachwear stacking up, the sun has finally decided to show itself – just as the summer sale season begins. In retail boardrooms across the country, sweaty-faced executives must be cursing. Meanwhile for me, the challenge is to hold off buying up lots of lovely summer clothes at knock-down prices: much as I’d love to get carried away, I have a sneaking suspicion that the sun will go in again next week and it will be game over…

That said, I do make special exceptions! I’ve featured Atterley Road fashion sales here a couple of times now and they have proved popular, so here are a few of the latest bargains. These are the final reductions (up to 70% off) and the sale is in its last few days, so if you see something you like, get in there sooner rather than later.

atterley road sale tops

Jigsaw – asymmetric pleat T-shirt. £39 reduced to £15. Move your screen around if you can’t see this properly: it’s a flattering cotton top with a (literal) twist.

NW3 – sleeveless fox blouse. £89 reduced to £25. Are foxes the new owls? Hmm, I wonder.

NW3 – embroidered knit top. £59 reduced to £30. The embroidery is very pretty: click through to see a larger image.

atterley road sale dresses

Great Plains – Artist roses dress. Reduced from £50 to £30. I love this print but I gotta warn you, it’s one of those SHORT dresses. You know: the ones that retailers currently insist on churning out en masse despite the fact that nobody with an ounce of wobble will wear one.

Petit Bateau – Tulu striped dress. Reduced from £58 to £30. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love the quality, as well as the style, of the Petit Bateau output.

Great Plains – Balinese summer dress. Reduced from £50 to £35.
It’s pretty (click through to see the larger picture), it’s different, it’s cool in this hot weather and it’s super-flattering. The latter quality is the clincher: momma’s coming to get you, Balinese summer dress…


atterley road sale trousers (1)

People Tree – Alexis button wide trousers. £75 reduced to £29. I am a newcomer to People Tree, but bought a jacket in the last Atterley Road sale and I really like it. It’s good quality, and well cut.

Jigsaw – stretch cord trousers. £79 reduced to £29.

Farhi – flannel bootcut trousers. £145 reduced to £49. These trousers have been kicking around (no pun intended) on Atterley Road for a while now. I bought a pair in a previous sale, and I love them: smart enough for work, but comfortable too. I was sorry to see that Farhi went into administration this week: the clothes are good, damn it.

atterley road dress sale

 Hobbs – Bridget sleeveless dress. Reduced from £159 to £40. Different.

Great Plains – Tallahassee dress. Reduced from £60 to £40. I picked this one out because it’s a gorgeous print, which you can view in close-up here.

NW3 – fox dress. Reduced from £149 to £55. Another foxy item and another garment from a previous Atterley Road sale, which has now popped up on the bargain rack again. It’s very pretty. If the price came lower I would be sorely tempted. You may be less of a pennypincher than I am though!


[Atterley Road Summer Sale 2013]



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