Angels Vintage Sale – the aftermath

Miss Thrifty1 December 10, 2008

Now then, who made it to the Angels vintage clothing sale at the weekend?

I couldn’t make it after all and I was gutted; sadly, I just couldn’t offset the cost of a round trip from North Yorkshire against the likely gems to be found at the costumier’s vast Wembley warehouse. Now there’s dedication to the thrifty cause (sob).

So I’ve been living the Angels’ frenzy vicariously, with the help of some of the UK’s tip-top fashion bloggers. In summary: the place was swamped and there was an awful lot of tat, with many items in need of repair and renovation, but there were a few prizes to be had.

The wonderful Susie at Style Bubble went the whole hog, filming the queue and the sale in progress:

Check out that queue: isn’t it incredible? I like to think that if I had gone, I’d have been one of the frothy-mouthed people with sleeping bags pressed up against the front door.

Sarah at Or False Glitter got stuck at the end of the line, and never made it inside:

[The queue] stretched around the warehouse as far as the eye could see, huddles of bodies in the cold all waiting in an unmoving line. There was a luminous orange security man who clearly found the whole thing terribly amusing

‘3-4 hours!’ he was informing people ‘the queue was all the way around at 7am, people camped here!’. Then he made a very good point, ‘I’m not trying to stop you queueing but look at all the people who will get in before you, there will be nothing left!’

He was right. I would possibly queue for 3 hours for some authentic vintage Victorian goodness for a tenner, but in the situation I would be queuing for 3hours to get the dregs of the warehouse, there were at least a thousand people already waiting.

So I turned back and waited for ages to get the train back. I was bitter.

Costume designer Astrid, of Astridland, fared better: she filled 18 bags!

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1 Response to “Angels Vintage Sale – the aftermath

Astrid says:

Just 14 bags for a play I’m designing…
It’s called “Irena’s Vow” and it’s my first Broadway play…

I had a great time and was thoroughly exhausted but it was well worth it!
I’ll never forget the experience-it’s a costume designers dream.

December 24, 2008 at 3:16 am

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