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My tips for selling at a car boot sale

A few weeks ago we cleared £50 selling at a car boot sale. I thought I’d get that out there at the beginning: if you haven’t sold at a car boot before, that might not sound like a lot. But … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty14 October 20, 2012

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My Car Boot Sale Haul

Car boot sales are so hit and miss. Last week when I was visiting family in Essex, I visited a car boot that I have frequented on and off for years and years. Oh, the bargains you can find there: … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty6 July 22, 2012

British Gas Free Swimming

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Swim for free with British Gas

British Gas has teamed up with more than 750 swimming pools around the country to offer free swims. It is easy to take them up on it: visit the website, enter your postcode, find a participating pool near you and … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty0 July 20, 2012

charity shop tips

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How to find bargains in charity shops

I recently appeared in The Times – or rather, my tips for hunting down charity shop bargains did. It was for a feature in the Money section, off the back of news that spending in charity shops hit a record … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty4 July 10, 2012

Quidco Cashback Boutique

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A Shop That Hands Out Money…

If you work in Central London, this wheeze from the cashback site Quidco might be up your street – literally. It’s called the Quidco Cashback Boutique, and it’s a pop-up-shop that is going to be giving away free cash to … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty4 June 26, 2012

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Mr Straw’s House

Mr Straw’s House is my favourite National Trust property. I was going to list it as one of the highlights when the National Trust gave everyone free entry recently, but it’s one of those places where visits have to be … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty7 May 17, 2012

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My Baby Gender Reveal Cake

Last summer I invested in a baby gender reveal cake, and held a baby gender reveal party. I didn’t post about it the time, because it felt so extravagant. I have never bought a big cake before – I even … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty8 May 2, 2012

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Visit National Trust properties for free this weekend

The National Trust is throwing open the doors and gates of 200 of its properties and gardens this weekend: on Saturday 21 April and Sunday 22 April, you can visit for free. Download the coupon here. Find a list of … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty2 April 20, 2012

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Homerton: London’s first wildflower station

I lived in Hackney, East London for years. Now I live in Yorkshire, in a tiny city sandwiched between the Moors and the Dales, and surrounded by woods and rolling hills and sheep. The two places are very different, of … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty0 March 12, 2012

chelsea physic garden

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Chelsea Physic Garden: free entry in December 2011

“The Chelsea Physic Garden was founded in 1673, as the Apothecaries’ Garden, with the purpose of training apprentices in identifying plants. “The location was chosen as the proximity to the river created a warmer microclimate allowing the survival of many … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty0 December 7, 2011

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Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2011: the results are in…

Well, I didn’t know what to expect when I went to the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards last night – but with so many excellent blogs shortlisted, I certainly didn’t expect to win. But I did! I haven’t seen many of the … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty17 October 27, 2011

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A heartfelt thank you to the London Olympics 2012 organisers

I would like to thank the organisers of the London 2012 Olympics for making the ticket application process so arduous, irritating and buttock-clenchingly expensive that I gave up on it in a thoroughly bad temper yesterday evening. In retrospect, however, … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty9 April 27, 2011

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Rail travel: how to get a free upgrade to first class

When travelling on an overcrowded train, I have a great trick for getting a free upgrade to the First Class carriage. I was reminded of it earlier today when I saw a tweet from a London friend (below). If you … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty20 April 13, 2011

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The new “library” at Marton cum Grafton: a great idea

Three  reasons why I like living in this part of Yorkshire: – It’s pretty. – There is relatively little crime. – People here are BIG on thrifty initiatives and nothing gets thrown away. Here is an example drawn from Marton … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty4 October 12, 2010

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Car stuck on ice? Here’s what to do.

The car got stuck on ice – or rather, I got the car stuck on ice. I was driving to a meeting in my hometown, screwed up the one way system and ducked into a cul-de-sac to check my road … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty2 January 14, 2010

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Our Thrifty Wedding Anniversary: Harrogate Turkish Baths

Here at Thrifty Towers we recently celebrated four years of wedded bliss. It feels like a lot longer than four years – is that a good thing or a bad thing? This year we wanted to go somewhere fun to … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty8 September 2, 2009