Thrifty Christmas

Furoshiki: a neat Christmas wrapping idea

I’m thinking about trying out Furoshiki gift wrapping this year. It’s simple (well, the finished results look simple), pretty and the wrapping can be recycled.  You use squares of fabric, rather than spangly paper and ribbons. Check it out: Furoshiki gift … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty7 December 12, 2008

Thrifty Christmas

Firebox discount!

Here’s one for UK readers: you won’t find this on any of the voucher codes websites (yet), but it has been brought to my attention that the boys’ toys and gadgets site is currently offering 15 per cent off orders placed. When … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty6 December 8, 2008

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Christmas Shopping

Don’t write off UK Woolworths just because it has gone into administration. I was in there today, kicking off my Christmas shopping. Although there are no big SALE signs up, there are plenty of good deals to be had. There are … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty2 December 4, 2008

Thrifty Christmas

FRIDAY BARGAINS: Sainsburys Christmas Decorations

If you are like me and you haven’t yet got round to buying your Christmas tree and all the assorted guff, you may be (festively) cheered to hear that Sainsburys has cut its Christmas decorations, tree toppers and fairy lights … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty1 November 29, 2008

Thrifty Christmas

Bargain toys from Littlewoods Direct

A yummy mummy pal of mine, shopping for Christmas presents for her four-year-old, has just scored £52.00 worth of toys from Littlewoods Direct for £22.00 plus postage. Here’s how she did it: Littlewoods has launched a 3 for 2 offer, covering more than 2,500 toys, … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty2 November 27, 2008

Thrifty Christmas

Christmas Deals: The Master List

Hello! I’m your Thrifty Christmas Fairy. Struggling to keep track of all the panic-stricken stores slashing prices ahead of Christmas? Rest assured that this lil’ thrifty blog is at your service! You’ll find a list of all the current sales … Get the lowdown >>

Miss Thrifty3 November 26, 2008