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Miss Thrifty1 November 18, 2010

money carnivals Time to hand out some rosettes: there have been some great posts knocking around recently.

Onion Soup on the Cheap, by P.B. Lecron is a deliciously thrifty recipe over at A French Education. The ingredients: onions, sugar, water and seasoning, plus croutons and grated cheese. This recipe was featured in the 5th Delicious Endeavours Recipe Carnival at Goodies From Granny’s House, as was Miss Thrifty’s Romanesco cauliflower recipe.

Barb’s Quick Personal Finance Tip, over at Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance, is short but sweet example of negotiation in practice. This post was featured in the Carnival of Money Stories at Money Obedience.

Step Two: Question Mark at Minting Nickels reveals a secret… Minting Nickels is swiftly becoming one of my faovurite new personal finance blogs, and this post was featured in the 254th Festival of Frugality at Generation X Finance.

20 Things You Can Do With Old T-Shirts at Web Design Schools Guide is my kind of post! Lots of ideas here, ranging from wash bags to dryer sheets. This post was featured in the 2nd Frugal Feast at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

These three carnivals also featured Miss Thrifty’s post, My 80-year-old wedding dress: behold!

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