The best of the money blogs – 8 June 2010

Miss Thrifty1 June 8, 2010

best money blogs Miss Thrifty scored a triple whammy in the money carnivals last week:

Introducing Erica’s Garden Pantry – and her pond bath was featured in the 232nd Festival of Frugality, hosted at Provident Planning.

Miss Thrifty’s pick: the International Restaurant Tipping Guide from Wanderlust Journey. It is short, sweet and very useful for anyone who gets their knickers in a twist when it comes to overseas tipping etiquette.

Guerilla Gardening: seedbombs in London was featured in the BBQ edition of the Money Hackers Carnival, hosted at Save Money Today. This post also made it into the Yakezie Weekly Round-up at Engineer Your Finances.

Miss Thrifty’s pick: Why Your Expensive Luxury Car Doesn’t Impress Smart People. (Or Me.) by Len Penzo. A smart post – and it’s heartening to note from the comments that my own, frugal tastes in motorised transport are shared!

Miss Thrifty’s Yakezie pick: Sometimes it is easier to preach than to practice, by Frugal Confessions. This is a post that begins with luck and a white cat… and ends with granite worktops.

And as a bonus, Marissa McLeod: the loveliest prom queen was featured in a Daily Yakezie Short Carnival at Eliminate the Muda. Click through and you’ll find a great post on making your own laundry powder…

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