Carnival Procession

Miss Thrifty1 September 16, 2009

Blog carnivals: I loves them! Other personal finance bloggers were kind enough to feature some recent Miss Thrifty posts in carnivals last week.

Cleaning silver – this one’s a beauty was featured in the 23rd Carnival of Pecuniary Delights, over at Almost Frugal. This is an old favourite, which shows how to clean jewellery and household items using tin foil, salt and warm water – and none of those stinky, gunky cleaners.

Six thrifty uses for a lemon made it into Gotta Little Space’s Make It From Scratch Carnival. This post was also picked up by one of my longtime favourite bloggers, Funny About Money, and a new UK blog called Voucher Mum (tagline: “saving mums money, one voucher at a time”). Thanks for the kudos and the tips, ladies!

Political Calculations featured the lemon post and the cleaning silver post as two of the “best posts from the past week’s business and money-related blog carnivals“. I am spoiled!

My wedding anniversary trip to Harrogate Turkish Baths was included in the line-up for the 221st Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted by Financial Highway.

Trade your old mobile for pop concert tickets edged into the Carnival of Twenty Something Finances, hosted by Rabbit Funds. I say “edged” because, well, let’s just say that Facebook has stopped showing me tailored ads for dating sites and cool T-shirts and has started showing me ads for weight loss products and baby clothes instead…

The Bill Amberg Penguin Classics books – for a snip was featured in the 81st Carnival of Money Hackers, over at ABCs of Investing. If you can’t find these beautiful, leather-bound books in your local discount bookstore, remember that you can also get them for less than half-price from the Penguin website.

In case you’re wondering about the procession image: I’m at the back, just out of shot, with a soap nut bikini and feather dusters for ostrich feathers.

Image credit: debs-eye.

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I like this tip: “saving mums money, one voucher at a time”, I do think the vouchers will help more people to save money on their shopping online.

October 26, 2009 at 10:25 am

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