Money Hacks Carnival #30

Miss Thrifty0 September 17, 2008

My tip for wallet-friendly (and lung-friendly) oven cleaning made Editor’s Pick at the latest Money Hacks Carnival!

Thanks to Anna at On a Quest to be Debt Free, who has put a great carnival edition together – one of those ones packed full of useful tips and stuff you didn’t know you didn’t know.

I particularly enjoyed Dear Money Guy’s post on How To Become A Millionaire Selling Blood Plasma For Money; we don’t get paid for donating blood here in the UK, but I can dream on!

I also liked the post from Living Well on Less, about how you can be frugal without giving up the hobbies you love. She is giving hand-quilting a go, and her movie buff husband is renting free DVDs from the local library.


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